About Saucery

Our refreshing approach to food

We never add any cane sugar, agave, honey or maple to our products. We are one of only a few companies in the world that state that we don't add any sugar and mean it. We are also gluten, dairy and vegetable oil-free, cooking our foods with either olive oil or coconut oil. We oven-bake our chips instead of deep-frying them. We select meats that are all high welfare, grass-fed, free range and almost all our other ingredients are organic. Every component is thoughtfully chosen right down to the pink salt, in the best interest of your health.

Eat healthy without missing out

At Saucery we are passionate about good health, but we want people to achieve their health goals without having to totally change the way they eat. Saucery brings our favourite foods into a unique health space, thoughtfully created with the flavour you expect and the nutrition you value.

Most of our dishes are low carb (10% or less) and low sugar (4% or less).

Dedicated to your health

For us, it is about integrity and transparency. We create food that is thoughtfully prepared in line with current health knowledge. All our food production is guided by our considerable research into the provenance and methods of our chosen suppliers and the value they place on organic principles and sustainability.

We do not compromise nutritional quality so if a food item cannot be produced to our standard it will not appear in our range.

We want our customers to live healthier happier lives and so we create food that brings them joy, good health and amazing taste experiences.  

Protecting the environment and your health

Unlike most other food brands, we don’t use gases, preservatives or modified atmospheres in the packaging of our ready-to-eat meals. All our packaging is made from the latest environmentally friendly materials.

We use low-carbon HALOPACK® packaging for our ready-to-eat meals and we independently offset any carbon emissions to make all our packaging and marketing carbon- neutral. 

HALOPACK® contains 92% less plastic than traditional takeaway food packaging and is BPA free. Made from 100% sustainable cardboard (recycled and FSC certified board), it contains no additives like PE-coatings, lime or adhesives. HALOPACK® keeps fresh food hygienic, retaining its original flavour and nutritional qualities.

Beverages - Plasdene Glass-Pak

We have chosen to use Plasdene Glass-Pak glass bottles or jars for all our beverages because of their multi-use properties.

Donuts – Greenmark
and Ingeo™ Brand PLA

We use cardboard donut trays and lids made by Greenmark using wood sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved forests. Greenmark meets the FSC’s rigorous best practice standards that ensure forests remain healthy and are farmed sustainably.  

The lids also contain bio based clear plastic made from Ingeo™ brand PLA, a corn product that ensures an annually renewable resource. PLA production generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional plastic production. Both the trays and lids used in our donut packaging are compostable.